Electrolysis is a safe and effective, permanent hair removal option. There are many myths and incorrect information circulating out there. The following are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions:

What is Electrolysis and How is it Performed?
Use of electrolysis ensures unwanted hair will be removed safely and permanently. Electrolysis has been effectively used for permanent removal of unwanted hair for over 100 years. It is accomplished by the insertion of a fine sterile wire into the follicle next to the hair. No puncturing of the skin is involved. A small amount of electrical current is applied to the wire to destroy the germinative material in the follicle thereby prohibiting further hair growth. The hair will then easily slide out of the follicle. The skin is not harmed in any way.

What Areas May be Treated with Electrolysis?
Any external area of the body may be treated, regardless of hair color or thickness. Any hair that is not eligible for laser may be treated with electrolysis.

Does it Hurt?
There is some discomfort, much like the sensation of heat, but most patients report that it is much more comfortable than tweezing or waxing. After treatment the skin may be slightly red or swollen for a few minutes up to one hour. Application of a cold compress for a few minutes will quicken the return to normal skin color. Many clients have treatments during their lunch period and return to work for the afternoon.

How Long Does it Take to Achieve Permanent Results?
Electrolysis requires a series of treatments to achieve permanency. The number of treatments necessary varies with each person, depending on factors such as: hair growth cycles, the extent of the area being treated, hereditary growth patterns, previous types of temporary hair removal methods used, your sensitivity level, how well you heal, consistency with appointments, and how well you follow treatment instructions. In most cases it takes between 12 - 18 months to achieve absolute permanence.

What is the Difference Between Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal?
Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the FDA. Some laser manufacturers have been granted permission by the FDA to claim a "permanent reduction" in hair removal but cannot claim it permanently removes hair.

Electrolysis has been around since 1875 and has proven to be safe and effective for over 100 years. The laser has only been used in hair removal for a few years and has not been evaluated for long-term safety and efficacy.

Electrolysis works on all skin types and all hair colors, whereas the laser is attracted to pigment and only works on dark hairs and light skin types.

What Methods of Electrolysis do you Offer?
We offer Thermolysis, Galvanic, and Blend, which are the only three methods of permanent hair removal recognized by the American Medical Association. Thermolysis is a method that uses a high frequency current to produce heat in the area surrounding the hair follicle. This heat cauterizes and destroys the dermal papilla, which is the nourishment for the hair. When the dermal papilla is eliminated, the hair cannot live. Galvanic is a method that works by chemical reaction. It utilizes a direct current to convert normal body salt and water in the hair follicle into a compound that destroys the dermal papilla. The blend method is a combination of both high frequency and direct currents at the same time. Thermolysis enhances the action of the galvanic method to produce a faster process than Galvanic alone.

How do you Determine Which Method of Electrolysis to Use?
We choose the best and most effective method for you based on your hair type, treatment area, and sensitivity level. This will assure you of maximum comfort and permanency for your hair problem.

What can I Expect at my First Appointment?
At your first visit, you will receive a complimentary consultation. The consultation includes: a review of your medical history, an explanation of how electrolysis works, and a FREE sample treatment.

Will my Treatments be Confidential and Private?
Absolutely! This is a delicate subject matter for most people and we can assure you that you can depend on the utmost privacy throughout all appointments.

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